Spiritual Development & Self-Empowerment with Ashley Tilson - Intuitive Transformational Trauma-Release Healer

I was once where you may find yourself now...

   We ALL have spiritual truths and capabilities... it's just about learning how to develop and use them! I was open-minded but skeptical, and I quickly found faith and belief through Reiki.. and the rest is history at this point. But it goes without saying that my past self NEVER imagined becoming the person that I am today.

   When I first began my training, I didn't see myself becoming an Intuitive Healer... I just wanted to take the first step to heal myself and see where that would lead me. If that's all you want out of this, then that's perfectly okay! Deep down, I'm passionate about teaching others to empower and develop themselves - as it pertains to both spiritual and non-spiritual matters. The goods news is that since I became so invested in broadening my training and being mentored by other Teachers is that I can now provide a wide range of training options.

    Remember, spirituality is about utilizing this side of yourself for self-clarity, direction, and natural healing methods. It doesn't have to be anything more, and many people choose to keep these practices and beliefs a secret. I don't judge -
I just want you to become your authentic and best self!

I offer private sessions, training programs, and online workshops, but you may also want to consider one of my rural retreats if you're local.

If you're looking to be certified in Usui Reiki or other Healing modalities, see my training programs or contact me.