Spiritual Coaching

I was once where you may find yourself now...

   We ALL have spiritual truths and capabilities... it's just about learning how to develop and use them! I was open-minded but skeptical, and I quickly found faith and belief through Reiki.. and the rest is history at this point. But I have to say that my past self NEVER imagined becoming the person that I am today.

   When I first began my training, I didn't see myself becoming an Intuitive Healer... I just wanted to take the first step to heal myself and see where that would lead me. If that's all you want out of this, then that's perfectly okay! I'm passionate about teaching others to empower and develop themselves and it is part of my purpose to use my life's story as an example. The goods news is that since I became so invested in broadening my knowledge, I now cover a lot of different topics and practices with my clients.

    Remember, spirituality is about utilizing this side of yourself for self-clarity, direction, and natural healing. And despite how you feel, it's never too late to learn! The spiritual journey IS a path of never-ending learning.

I offer training programs
online workshops,
but you may also want to consider one of my retreat packages if you're local.


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