Frequently Asked Questions

You may want to check out my About Me page for my bio, and see here for further questions I commonly get from first-time clients. If you have a question that's not here, please contact me.

What are your certifications and specific skills?

  I am certified as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner, and Priestess of Light, and I maintain my registration as a Reiki Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association. The Priestess of Light designation is from a 6-month long intensive multi-modality training program where I also learned how to upgrade my gifts, channel messages from Divine and my spiritual team, and so much more - allowing me to facilitate modalities such as (but not limited to) Cord Cutting/Cleansing, Akashic Readings, Inner Child work, Ego Alchemy [also known as Shadow Work], and Soul Retrieval. I've also completed training in EFT (Tapping), Sound Healing, Light Language, and as a Life Coach, all of which contribute to the expertise delivered through teachings, assigned homework, and suggested aftercare practices.

  My skills are ever-evolving due to my personal pursuit of continuous development, but I like to simply identify myself as an Intuitive Empath (my strongest sense is of feeling [clairsentience], but I receive further clarity through gut instincts/thoughts [claircognizance] and visions [clairvoyance], in addition to the occasionally spoken statement from my spirits [clairaudience]). I'm also a medium; which is something that I utilize during Reading sessions when and where appropriate.

Why should I receive Reiki and how often?

  The reasons for receiving Reiki vary from person to person. If you're completely new to it and have no spiritual intentions for it, you may only find it to be a surprisingly relaxing experience. All of my Reiki clients report feeling calmer, in a better mood, and able to (easily) think more positively and clearly following a treatment. This is due to the work I've done which is all energy-based and focused on the metaphysical, which results in you becoming more in tune and self-aware; more conscious. But since this can wear off as time goes on, and especially as you take on more stress in the weeks-months after, you could have just as much (or more) negative energy and blockages to remove if you wait a long time to be treated again. This is why some clients opt to see me monthly, and some just contact me when they notice they're "due". Clients that complement their cancer treatment or surgical recovery with Reiki book me within that schedule - you only need to contact me to discuss this option further.

  If you're new to Reiki and are ready to pursue your spiritual path, it's commonly recommended to start with 3 weekly sessions, then resume monthly sessions. This is because the more you receive Reiki (and often), the more you'll open up and unblock your intuitive abilities.. and the 3 weekly treatments propel you forward. Someone like myself, who leads a very spiritually-focused life and is always well aware of their own energy, would self-treat as often and as many times as needed; which is why people end up becoming a Reiki Practitioner even if they don't intend to offer it as a service. It's all completely up to you, but all involve going with what you feel you need and being open to the experience.

I want to know more about you. What can I read up on?

  I've always had a strong intuition, which I've mostly kept to myself because people often reacted negatively to what I shared when I was younger. Whether I was seeing ghosts, predicting outcomes, bringing up someone's thoughts even though they didn't want to say it out loud, or just taking on and feeling others' emotions.. I honestly felt being this way was more of a curse than a gift. I never saw it all for what it really was until I met my first psychic/intuitive and spiritual teacher at the age of 27. I sought her out because I was seeking a divine answer on what my purpose is after having been through many different forms of abuse, but that day I was put on the path of learning to use my gifts and life story to make an impact. In my mind, there was no acceptable answer except to somehow use my experiences to help others - thus the fire behind my movement was ignited; THE RISE OF THE PHOENIXES.

  Since most of my Trauma Recovery clients need to hear more of my story to get comfortable working with me, I'll gladly share this here: By the age of 13, I had become a severely depressed person with suicidal thoughts. I had a dysfunctional, unstable upbringing which saw me used to walking on broken glass while at home and dealing with being bullied and gossiped about while at school. To "ice the cake", I was molested by an adult family member, which completely closed the walls around me. For the next 15 years, I was in and out of therapy, on several different medications, and stumbling my way through life... all to end up relying on pain & mind-numbing addictions while physical ailments popped up and kept me from working and leading a productive life.


  It took me hitting rock bottom to wake up both mentally & spiritually, and my healing journey turned me into the opposite of what I was; someone that I never imagined I could be... complete, free, and happy without the health issues I had long since been struggling with. Considering ALL that I've been through, seen, and experienced, I began to have no doubt that I was meant to use my story as an example that could help others.

To learn even more about me, I invite you to check out my side project blog - Empath Confessions

What are your beliefs?

  I am a very nature-conscious person who uses all-natural, cruelty-free products, LOVES animals, and believes we are all connected. Everything is made up of energy and I believe that accepting this understanding opens the door to one's self-awareness. We all - animals included - have a soul and the ways of the modern world (technology-based, namely) have made us all forget the ways of spirit. But our ways have been silenced and ridiculed for too long.. and in this age where a lot more people are waking up to these truths, more leaders are stepping forward to teach the world about spirituality. As someone that came into this work as a complete skeptic, I can promise you that experiencing it for yourself is the only way to truly believe in it.

  Many people ask me about my religious beliefs and my answer is this - I don't discriminate, but I personally won't devote myself to any one religion. I've worked with many religious figures and I allow this to happen [in my personal work] based on whoever wishes to come forward in the moment. If it's more helpful for you to include your religious beliefs in our 1-on-1 work, then by all means do so! You can even let me know beforehand so that I can guide you to include addressing such. Since I work very closely with the angelic realm for all of my work, the presence of Archangels, Angels, and Guardian Angels is invited into every single session that I have with clients.

  When it comes to the medical world, I do NOT discourage anything that's being prescribed to you. I have personally found that spiritual practices in addition to it are the answer to addressing an issue from every possible angle. It's true that energy healing has started to be recognized medically as being able to speed up recovery times and alleviate the severity of some physical conditions, but there are certain things that can only be cured with the help of a doctor. I offer solutions for natural approaches to everything, but it's all meant to complement what you're already doing. Only in time will you know if you can start leaning away from medications or other therapies; take it in strides and with your doctor's consent as this was how I became medication & ailment-free myself.

  All of my services are provided for the purposes of education, information, and spiritual enlightenment. I am not a registered health care practitioner and therefore, I can not diagnose or dictate treatment for any physical conditions. I may receive messages about, see, and provide energy healing to physical conditions during sessions, and sometimes recommend additional services I'm personally aware of, but it's all suggestive & alternative treatment that's not medically or legally binding. Everything is intended to serve your highest good, and sometimes messages that don't resonate in the moment are meant to be "planted" for a near-future reason. It should be stated that reading results can change completely, at any given time, if the person who was read decides to one day take a different path (both literally and figuratively) and therefore messages cannot all be considered final and written in stone. With all spiritual work, there's an understanding that all messages & healing need to be matched with the appropriate physical action to achieve the desired results. For this reason, healing services should be approached with an open mind and willingness to address the root issue(s), and I strongly urge you to have a free consultation first if you're unsure. Trauma Healing sessions consist of both life coaching/counselling and intuitive healing, of which journaling homework is assigned to increase your awareness around root causes and effects. As all sessions are meant to be approached with the above understandings, clients release Ashley Tilson from any possible legal liabilities that arise during the course of, or following, the Practitioner-Client relationship.