Soul Alchemy

  I use the term Soul Alchemy to represent the Intuitive Healing services I offer that aren't Reiki. It sounds a lot more intimidating than it is... and more simply, it's using meditation to facilitate transformative inner work. While it's noted that these sessions are more successful on clients that are comfortable with meditating, I can assure you that you don't have to be a daily meditator - I will lead you in a way that works for you!


You only need to know what you'd like to address/heal and I'll lead you accordingly.
Like Reiki, every session is incomplete without messages I picked up on/for you!

  Modalities used include Cord Cutting/Cleansing, Inner Child work, Ego Alchemy (Shadow work), Relationship Alchemy, Soul Retrieval, Past Lives & Ancestral Reading & Healing, and more (including more advanced work for Energy Workers & Intuitives!).


Soul Alchemy sessions include some Reiki!

Soul Alchemy sessions can be done online or in-person.



60 min. Healing Session: $120

Lockdown Special:

only $100 (until further notice)