Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing in Lyn with Ashley Tilson.jpg

  All of my healing sessions are completely catered to your needs! I understand that you may not know which healing modality you need and that it's entirely possible you need more than one at a time. This is why I rely on intuitive messages to facilitate sessions, and frequently weave together modalities that address your immediate needs. You can always book a free consultation call with me first to discuss this further before booking a session.

 Healing modalities include Cord Cutting/Cleansing, Inner Child work, Ego Alchemy (Shadow work), Relationship Alchemy, Soul Retrieval, Angelic Healing, Reiki, and more!

  You only need to know what end result you wish to have (ex: removing negative energies) or any specific issue you wish to address/heal (ex: healing past trauma). All sessions are incomplete without the messages I picked up for you.

*Those that have insurance coverage for Reiki can request this appointment and will receive the necessary documentation to submit for a claim. *

All Healing sessions can be done online or in person.



1-hour Healing Session: $120

July Reopening Special: $100