Healing Sessions

   Since I practice a wide range of modalities (including but not limited to Reiki, Inner Child Work, Ego Alchemy [aka Shadow Work], and Womb/Sacral Healing), I'm able to offer a variety of services... but I want to keep it simple for you! Those that want to explore holistic healing modalities should book an Intuitive Healing session - where we'll spend the first 15+ minutes discussing your concerns and goals, and the remainder of the 90-minute appointment practicing one or more modalities that are appropriate. Reiki now falls under this booking since it's often incorporated with other modalities, and note that you can request a Reiki-only session if you prefer. No experience is necessary as long as you have an open mind!

  All services are easily delivered online (on a Zoom call), so know that you're not limited if you're not local! I've worked with clients throughout North America, the UK, Europe, and India, and can tell you it's just a matter of finding a time that works for both of us.

Please see below for all private sessions available and click on any service to learn more.

Spiritual Spa Packages, Retreats, and sessions in my home have been put on hold (due to COVID) until further notice. Check the services below for my current online Package options.

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What is...?

  Reiki is energy healing - a natural, metaphysical form of healing that removes negative energies that are lodged in your body, opens/strengthens and rebalances your primary chakras, and removes any emotional blockages that your body is holding onto. Messages may appear to me (the practitioner) as it applies to any of the healing being performed, and they are revealed to you at the end of the session when we review the results together. Many clients report feeling lighter, calmer, and more positive at the end of the session, with the results lasting for days. Subsequent sessions are recommended since emotions and life situations can cause more negative energies to find their way back into your body.

  Inner Child Work is performed using meditation and is guided according to the client's specific and immediate needs. We'll call up your childhood self in the form that your subconscious recalls best, and work with their guidance to address any needs that may have been forgotten or overlooked. No one is too old for Inner Child Work since it's a journey that involves an integration of your childhood consciousness in the present day so that you can actively work towards embodying youthful & playful energy to balance out the obligations and responsibilities in your adult life. *Inner Child Work makes up the bulk of healing sessions that are provided in all of my Trauma Recovery Programs*

  Ego Alchemy (also known as Shadow Work) is another modality carried out using meditation, wherein you'll be guided to directly address negative self-talk statements and associated false/limiting beliefs so that root causes can be healed (with accompanying Reiki) and replaced with the repetitive use of positive statements (aka mantras). I may also direct you through utilizing EFT Tapping - which involves tapping pressure points on your face - while enforcing positive statements. One session is enough time to address 3-4 thoughts/statements of your choosing. *Ego Alchemy makes up some of the final healing sessions provided in all of my Trauma Recovery Programs*

  Womb/Sacral Healing involves addressing the Sacral chakra, the Womb, as well as all associated organs (reproductive, genitals). This is another modality carried out using meditation and is a go-to for anyone that has experienced sexual trauma and/or underwent a traumatic birthing process. Wherein the client is male, the Womb being looked at and addressed is that of their biological mother; the same applies to females with an option to address their own Womb if need be. Specific details will apply on an individual basis, but one session is enough time to cover all areas while receiving accompanying Reiki. *Womb/Sacral Healing is provided as applicable for 1-2 of the healing sessions in all of my Trauma Recovery Programs* 

Other, including more advanced, modalities are available on a case-by-case basis. There are just too many to name here!

" I had a Reiki session with Ashley and I had no idea what to expect! Ashley gives off such good energy! Prior to the session I had been feeling drained of my usual positive energy, I walked out of there feeling speechless from the amount of joy & love that I was feeling! I literally cried happy tears! She explained everything in detail so that I could understand what was going on! Since my session I have been in such a positive state. I am so glad I went to Ashley! She is incredible and I definitely recommend her services! I can't wait to book another session! "     - Hailey S.

" As someone unfamiliar with Reiki and spiritual healing, I came into my sessions with Ashley not knowing what to expect. Ashley is very knowledgeable and put me at ease going into our first Reiki session. In a few words, it was very relaxing! I was able to clear my thoughts almost completely and let go of a lot of stress, which is nothing short of impressive for someone like me. During the session I didn't feel much of anything, but in the days after I was in a better mood and had an easier time concentrating at work. 10/10 would Reiki again! "     - Jeff T.

" Prior to working with Ashley I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been feeling depleted of energy and a little ungrounded but I wasn't sure what the source of these imbalances were. During our session, we talked about these symptoms, and uncovered a few spiritual and lifestyle factors that could be the culprit. Ashley was super sweet, grounded and easy to talk to. I felt super comfortable as she guided me in meditation to release old energy that had been lodged in my body and helped to increase the energetic boundaries around my aura. After our session I felt lighter, brighter and more peaceful than ever. Thank you again, Ashley! We've barely scratched the surface and I will definitely be working with you again. If anyone is ready to heal old wounds and increase their energetic boundaries, I highly recommend working with this talented healer. "     - Jalesa T.