Intuitive Readings

    Long gone are the days where I relied on Tarot Cards to provide Readings... but let's face it: they're both fun and interesting! I channel to receive and provide accompanying messages and clarification. In a session with me, we'll spend 1 hour digging in to provide you with the very insight you seek and need right now.

   Intuitive Readings are a clarifying and reassuring session for anyone that's seeking guidance in their life as it pertains to any major life changes. While negative and emotional issues may be revealed by the messages, the end result is always to see the positive next step and learn how to heal situations - all using non-spiritual actions, unless otherwise specified for you. By request: I can also read your Akashic Records (past lives) and receive messages from passed loved ones.

Intuitive Readings can be done online or in person.


1-hour Reading: $50 (CAD)

Please contact me to inquire about Group Readings for private & company parties/events. Rates are provided at a discount and I will travel locally. Note that all gatherings are expected to comply with current-day COVID-19 related restrictions & precautionary measures.