Crafted with Love & Light

One often-overlooked fact about me is that I consider myself to be a bit of an "artsy-fartsy" person. I have a space dedicated to my arts & crafts, I'm always DIYing my home projects, and I enjoy the self-healing that comes from being creative and working with my own hands. And as a recently converted country bumpkin, I'm overjoyed by the fact that I have a hefty supply of sage and lavender growing in my own backyard! Since that's the case, it was just natural for me to have a go at making & selling my own spiritually-infused items, but it's something that's completely secondary to my healing business... which is why this section (the store) has disappeared from my website and the sale of these items is being reserved for session & program clients - and, is becoming a Care Package BONUS for my Trauma Recovery Program. Want to know what's available? Take a look below!

Crystal-adorned key pendants put together by Ashley Tilson

These crystal-adorned key pendants have been in the mix since 2019, but since I tend to sell these primarily at in-person workshops (and some of my faves didn't last long enough to be photographed!), they've recently become more of a display piece. These are available for $15 (CAD) each and can be viewed when seeing me in person. Anyone that isn't local and is interested in one of these pieces can email me to see if it's still available and we can arrange an online payment so I can ship it.

Supportive essential oil sprays created by Ashley Tilson

My "Rescue Sprays" set was the first batch of essential oil sprays I created, and it continues to serve my clients well! Themed for the purpose shown (Chakra-boosting, Protection, and Grounding), this set sells for $30 (CAD). Available for purchase in person and as part of the bonus care package for my Trauma Recovery program, inquiries for retail and bulk orders are welcome.

Custom Aura Sprays created by Ashley Tilson

Because everyone is unique, I moved on from the Rescue Sprays and started offering Custom Made Aura Sprays! It's the same base ingredients, but instead includes essential oils which are intuitively & ceremoniously picked out for YOU! Created in a larger bottle for your ongoing use, these sell for $20 (CAD) each and are also included as part of the bonus care package for my Trauma Recovery program.

Homegrown smudging products by Ashley Tilson

Last, but not least, are my smudging supplies which have undergone an aesthetic transformation since 2020. For my first harvest, I spent hours carefully & meticulously bundling the herbs into sticks... all to find that it was both more cost-effective and preferred by my clients to use it in loose form. Each bag contains 7 grams of dried herbs for $6 (CAD) - these can be purchased in person or you can receive one of each as in the bonus care package with my Trauma Recovery program.

As mentioned, the Online Store has disappeared because it became a little too confusing trying to market physical products at the same time as highlighting my Healing services. But if you're interested in purchasing anything and aren't local, please contact me - I'll be happy to see what I can do! :)