The Rise of the Phoenixes

Are you severely depressed and enraged because it feels completely impossible to be safe, free, and in control of your life after having experienced any form of abuse or dysfunction in the family home?

Do you feel envy seeing people - who are truly happy, fulfilled, and confident in their own body - and think to yourself that there's absolutely no way you can feel the way they do about life?

  People that haven't experienced any life-altering trauma don't truly understand how it can dictate who you are and what you do. At first, you're afraid to tell anyone because you don't need others to change their perception of you; or even worse - be called a liar. On the other hand, most abusers provide an added threat to make you not feel safe using your voice. On top of that, all too often (unfortunately) we're victims of vicious cycles that only teach us that narcissistic & abusive behaviors are "normal". It's tough and heartbreaking, to say the least... because after doing all that I could do with therapy, I knew I needed more help...


I wanted to find a way to move on with life actually feeling free, safe, and able to find happiness...
My search for the answers to this, along with my determination to not give up, ended up leading me to find it! 

  I remember struggling EVERY SINGLE DAY because I was always being triggered by anything that reminded me of the people & traumatic situations from my childhood. It was everything from physical actions to hurtful words that shaped me into the person I became. Since I had been too young to understand that what had happened was, in fact, very wrong, and I ended up growing up in survival mode, I shoved it all deep down inside and blocked it out. It's something that affects the rest of your life - whether you realize it or not - even if you do everything you possibly can to just "move on".


  I had NO idea how damaged I was until I finally decided to look outside of the box for answers. Years of medication and therapy took the edge off, but it never left me... in fact, it left me feeling pissed off, hopeless, and broken to know that everything being prescribed to me did very little. But that was only until I took these extra measures out of what felt like desperation. Little did I realize that somewhere deep down inside of me I was being drawn to it because it would actually work, and it hit me all like a brick wall of an epiphany afterward!


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Ashley Tilson, Intuitive Healer (December 2021)
Ashley Tilson, offering Reiki, Readings, Healing sessions and more near Brockville.png

Using Reiki, I removed the negative energies that made me feel like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, a closed-off heart that didn't know how to accept and feel love, the major blockage that was created in my throat, and the diminished, false self-confidence created from all the years of painting on a smile while hiding the pain.

Using Inner Child Work, I went on a journey that released the scared, neglected child I left behind, reconnected me with my forgotten childhood passions, reinvigorated me with youthful energy, and rectified the unaddressed childhood trauma by (eventually) being able to face the memories for healing & closure.


Along with Ego Alchemy & Shadow Work, I rewrote the programming (false beliefs) learned in my early years, rewrote my mindset to replace all the negative self-talk statements with positive ones, and enacted on ego alterations that allowed my sacred personality traits to shine through while also minimizing & removing all of my triggers.


But that was just to start! With other methods, I released the energetic connection that was keeping me attached to the people that inflicted my pain, increased my own energy, healed sexual trauma issues, and aligned with my true self to become crystal clear on who I want to be, and became able to see & act on my path forward with clarity and confidence!


  This can happen for you too!!! After going through all that I had gone through, I knew I was meant to help others undergo the same healing journey. I know one component that was missing was having someone to lean on that truly understands all you're going through... and I want to be there for you! Don't suffer in silence, alone, and letting your addictions and/or negativity continue to control your life. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO and I would be honoured to help you achieve this transformation!

What To Expect From My Program

  • Break free from negative relationships

  • Severe ties with unhealthy habits

  • Stop negative self-talk

  • Obliterate false beliefs

  • Minimize traumatic triggers

  • Find your personal purpose

  • Emerge into unwavering happiness

  • Empowerment through coaching & intuitive counselling

  • Seek out, address, and heal root causes of addictions

  • Rescript your thoughts through a major mindset shift

  • Remove self-sabotaging beliefs & mental blockages

  • Heal core, soul-addressing issues that let love in and win

  • Learn strategies to flip negatives into positives every day

  • Improve your closest relationships & create new ones

The truth is that a single Healing session will only scratch the surface; especially depending on your life's experiences and needs for healing. This program has been designed to provide you with ALL of the tools, techniques, and support you'll need to fully recover/heal and step forward with your new life - free from negativity and triggers. Regardless of which option you take, you'll be provided with multiple workbooks, courses, and my ongoing support - giving you my shoulder to lean on when you need it most. All based on the very process and modalities used in my own recovery, you'll have a safe space to speak your truths and change your life for the better.

So let's talk more specifics!


    Every month
    Automatically renews every month until cancelled
    • Multiple Workbooks
    • Beginner's Meditations
    • My Inner Child Healing Course
    • My Rewrite your Mindset Course
    • My Change/Mend Relationships Course
    • My Rewrite your Story Course
    • 1 x Private Healing session / month
    • Email Support (for membership duration)
    • PLUS bonus classes

    Pay upfront for the year and get extra BONUSES!
    Valid for one year
    • Muiltiple Workbooks
    • Beginner's Meditations
    • My Inner Child Healing Course
    • My Rewrite your Mindset Course
    • My Change/Mend Relationships Course
    • My Rewrite your Story Course
    • 1 x Private Healing Session / month
    • Email Support (for membership duration)
    • PLUS bonus classes
    • EXTRA BONUS: Receive a care package by mail (value of $110)!

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