Reiki is a form of natural healing that's considered to be spiritual. The teachings are in fact old... but it is something that's been gaining popularity as the knowledge becomes more widespread in North America; as Intuitive Healers emerge, and as more people awaken to their spiritual truths. Most come to Reiki upon a curiosity, and for many... Reiki is life-changing.

   In a nutshell: Reiki helps by removing negative energies attached to your body, removing blockages in your chakras, rebalancing energy between your masculine & feminine sides, and - in the beginning - reopening your chakras. While some clients don't see or feel the spiritual aspect of it, they notice that they're more relaxed & calm and that they gain mental clarity through the stress relief it provides. Any messages I receive for you are revealed to you at the end of the session when I review my findings with you.

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   All of my clients are invited to stay connected with me following sessions as they undoubtedly have questions and revelations that arise after they leave. Many clients that don't feel the effects or expect results immediately tend to follow up weeks later upon realizing something has changed in the time since we've met!

Reiki is one of those experiences that you can't understand until you try...

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Reiki sessions can be done online or in-person!



60 min. Reiki session: $120

Lockdown Special:
only $100 (until further notice)