Work with Ashley Tilson

  If you're in the Leeds & Grenville region and want to get started with me - consider my Mobile Reiki session - which is done in the comfort of YOUR home! If you're looking to receive one or more specialized modalities mixed with Reiki, you can join me for a 90-minute session on Zoom. Additionally, I offer 60-minute Reading sessions online where you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and receive as much guidance as possible in that timeframe.

  Please note that weekday availability is reserved for my outside projects and work in the Rise of the Phoenixes program; including the private sessions with program clients. If you'd like to have a quick consultation with me prior to booking or signing up for the program, please utilize the FREE Consultation Call option (as bookable below).


  If you require a weekday appointment time, please contact me - specifying what you'd like to book and what availability you have.