Begin to Rise...

Four introductory workshops together in one FREEBIE Webinar Series!

Each of these workshops highlights and introduces you to the key component courses in my program, The Rise of the Phoenixes!

Everything that you would need to know to begin...

Reflection exercises to get you started on your journey...

Hands-on guided [by me] practices to get a taste of the program's courses...

and everything you can expect from the program!

THIS is what you can expect and achieve through this webinar series.

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It's a life transformation that can't be fully described, but rather a comparison that's worth reviewing...



Quiet, repressed, mentally & physically broken, yet harboring anger/rage deep inside.

Constantly triggered by other people and situations, and unable to keep a job because this would lead me to have a mental breakdown [at some point, regardless of how hard I tried to 'hold on'].

Lost and very unhappy with little to no interests because I didn't know who I was.

Daily coping with "adulting" by relying on mind & pain numbing habits (emotional eater, smoker, drinker).

Constantly bending over backward for others - all trying to please people with the goal of finding my place in this world, and subconsciously searching for the support & nurturing I lacked in childhood, and having no energy or effort to do what I needed to do for myself.

Feeling completely hopeless, all while struggling with money and the lack of opportunities as a result of my circumstances.

Holding onto unhealthy relationships with negative, toxic people because I didn't know they were a bad influence, and I thought that was the crowd I belonged to.



I'm happy to freely and authentically share my story with others (including on social media; which is something I would never be caught using before!).

I have control over my thoughts, emotions, and actions while no longer harboring feelings of anger - and instead, used my anger to create life-impacting actions [to help others].

I'm no longer plagued by negative self-talk, have found my personal purpose, and am truly happy with my life - and own it all.

I no longer rely on unhealthy substances and habits to get through my days; in fact, I found that the innate need for them naturally went away as I healed.

I'm no longer triggered by people and situations, and am not at all bothered by working with my clients through this subject matter.

Reserving my energy and mentality has become a top priority, even as someone that continues to constantly want to help others - I created boundaries where I can selectively help as I can and conserve enough energy & mentality to still meet my own needs.

I am no longer feeling hopeless, all with the clear realization & goal that every single one of us can create & manifest the life that we dream about!

   This transformation was mind-blowing because I used to believe that I was doomed to live a life of negativity, depression, non-stop unfortunate circumstances, and struggling to constantly make ends meet mentally, physically, and financially. But not anymore! If you can relate to the person that I used to be and are seeking to become like the person I am today, then I want to help you achieve that.