Break free from a traumatic childhood

  As a Holistic Trauma Recovery Specialist, I help victims of childhood abuse who are struggling with triggers and the inability to feel safely free and happy in their adult lives by breaking free from the past and healing their childhood selves so they can begin to live the life they think they can only dream about.

Ashley Tilson, Intuitive Healer (September 2021)- specializing in trauma & addictions recovery but welcomi
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We all have to start somewhere.. and luckily enough, you've landed in the right place!


If you are ready to break the cycle and begin anew, and want to know what it takes and how to get started, then you'll want to start with my FREEBIE COURSE.

I'm so confident in this process, and ready to begin this journey with you,
that I want to offer you this opportunity to get started for FREE!

This 4-Part Webinar Series serves as introductory workshops so that you can:

1) Learn more about what's involved in my process
2) Do simple exercises to get you thinking about the end goal results
3) Test out my program's methods through hands-on practice


  My name is Ashley Tilson and I help victims of childhood abuse who are struggling with triggers and the inability to feel safely free and happy in their adult lives to break free from the past and heal their childhood self so they can begin to live the life they think they can only dream about.

  After going off into the adult world and realizing that my childhood trauma was invisible baggage that followed me everywhere, kept me from being happy, and constantly dragging me down - no matter how hard I tried to move on and forget about it - there came a time when I angrily looked at myself in the mirror and asked if it was even possible to have a better life…

  So I learned to turn my rage into action, embarked on a soul-searching mission of healing myself, and ended up on a holistic path that completely changed my life. Once I realized that I had walked into the impossible - the complete release from the past that saw me turn into a different person (the person I secretly wished I could be) - I had an epiphany about having discovered a trauma healing process that I need to share with the world. Through all my research for my business, I found that countless people are in the shoes that I was in.. and in my endeavour to change the world for the better, I help people transform their lives to unlock their authentic, prosperous, and empowered selves. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO - and I know you deserve it!

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  Ashley Tilson is a Holistic Trauma Recovery Specialist, basing all of her methodology and processes on her own personal journey of overcoming childhood abuse.

  At the age of 27, she hit her rock-bottom - she woke up one morning, looked at herself in the mirror, and asked who she was. But more importantly than that, she was downright fed up with not being happy. She longed to have a better life and was absolutely struggling with where to begin.

  After spending two whole years buried in self-help books, going back to therapy to address her repressed childhood trauma, and doing anything & everything under the sun to break free from unhealthy habits and better her life - she became hungry for more... She turned to training in holistic modalities and didn't stop until she came into a life-transforming epiphany. One day, she suddenly realized that her process made her achieve what she thought was impossible -- she had completely released herself from her past, shed her false beliefs, found her way to nip those nasty negative thoughts & habits in the butt, and was embarking on the life she never thought she could have!

  Since then, Ashley has pledged herself to create a global impact through changing lives, one person at a time. She looked around and recognized the countless number of people struggling with their childhood trauma at all ages, and made it her mission to share her process with the world.

  Through the course of her business so far, she's hit some major milestones and achievements including her personal blog, Empath Confessions, which now consistently gets 1000+ readers per month; she was invited to start publishing articles as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, where she was also awarded the "Top 500 Global Award" in 2021; and she is a graduate & award recipient in Ontario's Starter Company Plus program.

  As Ashley likes to say, "If I can do it, you can do it too!" and she takes pride in serving others that are ready to break the cycle and emerge as phoenixes!