Life-Transforming Healing and Guidance

Are you severely depressed and enraged because it feels impossible to be safe, free, and in control of your life after having experienced any form of abuse or dysfunction in the family home?

Do you feel envy seeing people - who are truly happy, fulfilled, and confident in their own body - and think to yourself that there's absolutely no way you can feel the way they do about life?

  People that haven't experienced any life-altering trauma don't truly understand how it can dictate who you are and what you do. At first, you're afraid to tell anyone because you don't need others to change their perception of you; or even worse - be called a liar. On the other hand, most abusers provide an added threat to make you not feel safe using your voice. NOTHING ABOUT IT WAS YOUR FAULT, but I know it's hard to accept that... 


  I remember struggling every single day because I was always being triggered by anything that reminded me of the people & traumatic situations from my childhood. It was everything from physical actions to hurtful words that shaped me into the person I became. Since I was too young to understand that what had happened was, in fact, very wrong, and I ended up growing up in survival mode, I shoved it all deep down inside and blocked it out. It wasn't until many years later - when I was severely depressed, fed up with not feeling allowed to be happy, and I was considering suicide - that I was finally ready to dig up those memories and talk to someone about them.


  I know how nerve-wracking it can be to speak your truths, but know that it's an act that can set you free. Through doing this, I unlocked my mind to think more clearly which unblocked my spiritual gifts... a step that led me to alternative healing. I knew there was a way forward which I didn't find in therapy and it was all due to the many factors & methods that only intuitive healing can address! Using Reiki, I removed the negative energies that made me feel like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. Using Inner Child work, I went on a journey that freed & redeemed my childhood self before allowing us to face our memories, one last time, for closure. Along with Ego Alchemy, I rewrote the programming (false beliefs) and negative self-talk that plagued my brain for so many years. And with more advanced methods, I released the energetic connection that was keeping me attached to the people that inflicted my pain, increased my own energy, healed sexual trauma issues, and aligned with my Higher Self to see my path forward with clarity and confidence.


  This can happen for you too!!! After going through all that I had gone through, I knew I wanted to help others undergo the same healing journey. I know one component that was missing was having someone to lean on that truly understands all you're going through... and I want to be there for you! Don't suffer in silence, alone, and letting your addictions and/or negativity continue to control your life. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT TOO and I would be honoured to help you achieve this transformation!

  I use my intuitive abilities to facilitate rapid life-changing sessions using angelic healing, Reiki, Inner child work, Ego Alchemy, and more, all along with intuitive messages from your spirit guides. Using my personal experiences in overcoming childhood trauma and sexual abuse, I offer a safe space for others to heal from their past trauma, unhealthy relationships, addictions, and emotional wounds, and begin living a purpose-aligned life with clarity, confidence, and pure authenticity. All my Healing, Reading, and Coaching appointments can be done online, and I offer Spiritual Spa packages & Retreats, as well as Trauma Recovery Packages!


   Many of my clients come to me because they are struggling with their anxiety & depression, and no matter how hard they work to help this with therapy and medication, they know [deep down] that there are additional measures to address these issues. Having said that, I absolutely do not discourage any measures recommended by your doctor and it is fully intended that you work with me alongside this; healing yourself at the spiritual level just means we're using additional, alternative methods.

   I'm following up-to-date COVID-19 guidelines and I appreciate you doing so when attending in-person sessions. A pre-screening checklist is emailed to you with your appointment reminder, and masks will be required for as long as it's mandatory. Please also note that my in-person locations are subject to surprise inspections at any time.

   Lastly, I want to note that I do have a dog. While she is not present in the space while I'm serving in-person clients, I want to note that her dander may be present. Those with an allergy should prepare with a medication or contact me to see me at Glitz Spa in Prescott.