Life-Transforming Healing and Guidance

Ashley Tilson is a certified Reiki Master/TeacherPriestess of Light, and Crystal Healing Practitioner,
and is a registered Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association.
She utilizes a combination of natural healing modalities to facilitate life-changing sessions for sensitive souls!

  Ever since I first identified as an Intuitive Empath, I knew that I wanted to use my abilities and experience to help others. As someone that experienced childhood trauma and sexual abuse, I ended up having A LOT to heal from in order to become the Intuitive Healer that I am today; something that provided the definitive healing and closure I was seeking following my therapy. Now, I take pride in using my personal experience to help those needing life transformation.

  In 2018, I started the 
Empath Confessions blog, where I recount some of the many lessons I’ve learned on my spiritual journey. Even though it’s a hobby, its continued success is just some of the fuel that keeps my fire burning…

  As someone that underwent a
dramatic transformation to overcome addictions and mental disorders, I use my personal experience to reach and teach as many as I possibly can uplift. I'm a very "go with the flow" Healer that weaves methods together to bring completely personalized Intuitive Healing sessions... and I focus on the positive whenever I do a Reading for someone (even when we touch on negative events). My spiritual work and connections are non-religious based, but I primarily work with the Archangels and incorporate angelic healing into every session.

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Not all of my clients elect to give a testimonial, but for the one’s that do…
I think their reviews speak for themselves! :)



   Many of my clients come to me because they are struggling with their anxiety & depression, and no matter how hard they work to help this with therapy and medication, they know [deep down] that there are additional measures to address these issues. Having said that, I absolutely do not discourage any measures recommended by your doctor and it is fully intended that you work with me alongside this; healing yourself at the spiritual level just means we're using alternative methods. This was my personal experience too, so know that I base my guidance on my own experiences.