Life-Transforming Healing and Guidance

"I use my intuitive abilities to facilitate rapid life-changing sessions using angelic healing, Reiki, Inner child work, Ego Alchemy, all along with intuitive messages from your spirit guides. Using my personal experiences in overcoming childhood trauma and sexual abuse, I offer a safe space for others to heal from their past trauma, unhealthy relationships, addictions, and emotional wounds, and begin living a purpose-aligned life with clarity, confidence, and pure authenticity. All my Healing, Reading, and Coaching appointments can be done online, and I offer Trauma Recovery Packages to serve you better!"

  Ever since I first identified as an Intuitive Empath, I knew that I wanted to use my abilities and experience to help others. As someone that experienced childhood trauma and sexual abuse, I ended up having A LOT to heal from in order to become the Intuitive Healer that I am today; something that provided the definitive healing and closure I was seeking following my therapy. Now, I take pride in using my personal experience to help those needing life transformation.

  As someone that underwent a dramatic transformation to overcome my past, I use my personal experience to reach and teach as many as I possibly can uplift. I'm a very "go with the flow" Healer that weaves methods together to bring completely personalized
Intuitive Healing sessions... and I focus on the positive whenever I do a Reading for someone (even when we touch on negative events). I take pride in experiencing results along with my clients, which is exactly why I enjoy doing what I do and holding space for others.

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Not all of my clients elect to give a testimonial, but for the one’s that do…
I think their reviews speak for themselves! :)



   Many of my clients come to me because they are struggling with their anxiety & depression, and no matter how hard they work to help this with therapy and medication, they know [deep down] that there are additional measures to address these issues. Having said that, I absolutely do not discourage any measures recommended by your doctor and it is fully intended that you work with me alongside this; healing yourself at the spiritual level just means we're using alternative methods. This was my personal experience too, so know that I base my guidance on my own experiences.