Life-Transforming Healing and Guidance

Are you feeling lost, depleted, and can't help but wonder if there's more to life?

Are you wondering what your purpose is, and how your life's experiences (both negative and positive) can benefit you in prosperity?

Or are you simply becoming aware of how your personal energy fluctuates based on who you're around and what you experience,
and are noticing how it affects your mood and thoughts?

   Whether you said yes to just one or more of those questions, I can tell you that you've come to the right place! There's a point in most people's lives where we either go through something life- and/or mind-changing and it prompts us to consider the bigger picture. Whether it's the legacy we leave behind, the personal satisfaction of pursuing a fulfilling purpose, or simply seeking to understand what we previously couldn't understand... it ends up leading us to spirituality. The reason is simply that we can't find these answers anywhere else, and turning to spirituality means we look WITHIN to unbury our truths and inherent intuitive abilities to help answer these questions


   I remember when I began my personal healing journey, and I turned to spirituality because I had a sudden urge to discover my purpose. I had spent years working corporate jobs, only to burn out and end up having a mental breakdown because deep down, I knew it wasn't what I was supposed to be doing. But until I discovered my purpose (my business), I just kept going through this never-ending cycle that just left me depressed, discouraged, and detached from my personal happiness. It wasn't until I started training in holistic & spiritual methods that I began to realize that I COULD in fact pave my own path for myself; helping others work through the same life dilemmas that I once went through.


   I have always been a highly sensitive person, and the problem with that (when I was growing up) is everyone saw it as a weakness to which they could push around and poke at. In addition to enduring & witnessing different forms of abuse as a child, I had these emotional wounds to heal and deal with in order to become my true, authentic self. There's no shame in being a sensitive person.. in fact, that means you're an Empath too! There's power in that because we have a perception that others don't... and it takes empowering it to turn it into a gift. After doing so myself, I fully unblocked my intuitive abilities which allowed me to clearly channel insight & messages about others and from spirits, and I learned how to utilize natural healing modalities to completely transform my life. After ALL that I went through and experienced, I finally knew that my purpose was in helping others to achieve the same results.

   Whether you're just looking for answers, clarity, or direction on life changes and decisions, seeking to balance your energy and calm your mind, or need soul-addressing, deep healing for mindset shifts (from negative to positive), release from past trauma, or more... I would be honored to help you! I offer Reiki, Readings, Trauma Healing sessions, Trauma Recovery Programs, Rural Retreats, Online Workshops, Spiritual Training Programs, and spiritually-infused items that were Crafted with Love & Light. All are welcome to contact me to start a conversation or book me for a free consultation call.

" I had a Reiki session with Ashley and I had no idea what to expect! Ashley gives off such good energy! Prior to the session I had been feeling drained of my usual positive energy, I walked out of there feeling speechless from the amount of joy & love that I was feeling! I literally cried happy tears! She explained everything in detail so that I could understand what was going on! Since my session I have been in such a positive state. I am so glad I went to Ashley! She is incredible and I definitely recommend her services! I can't wait to book another session! "     - Hailey S.

" Working with Ashley is a transformative journey. She's helped me with clearing attachments and let me release my emotions in a safe haven during our sessions. Her healing and guidance has always helped me in expanding my perspective and gain new insights with clarity. Anyone who is struggling with past trauma, emotional wounds, or just need some guidance in life, she can help you with her expertise. "     - Joy H.