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About Ashley Tilson

As an entrepreneur, I know you would rather be focused on delivering your services or products, and not wasting precious time on “mundane” tasks such as administrative work.

As important as those mundane tasks are, one of the biggest lessons to learn in growing a business is that you need to surround yourself with the people who can do these things for you – so that you can focus on what you do best.

And here’s the thing about me: I LOVE all the “behind the scenes” work and helping people! That’s exactly how I came to shape my business into what it is today…

Ashley Tilson’s Beliefs & Strengths

I’ve always enjoyed the never-ending pursuit of self-development and learning. Life itself is a journey, much like entrepreneurship is.

Whether it’s researching, writing, hitting benchmarks or deadlines, or taking on the simple challenge of proving someone wrong when they thought I couldn’t do something… My attitude is “GAME ON!”.

Aside from finding my entrepreneurial passion, my drive came from many years of working with small business owners who needed me to be 5 different departments at once. Anytime there’s something I’m not familiar or confident with, I figure it out by taking a course and/or being hands-on.

I often joke that I’m OCD about being organized. But in reality, I’m so organized in every area of my life that it is no laughing matter (just ask my husband)!

As an intuitive and empathic person, I put myself in the shoes of my clients’ target audience to ask “what would work best?” so that I can bring appropriate suggestions and courses of action to the table.

I’m best known for my organization and intuition. I will not speak of or share my beliefs unless asked, but I cannot deny that my visions and ideas are a result of all those “gut instincts” and unprovoked messages I receive while having a conversation with someone. 

Ashley Tilson - Entrepreneur & Freelancer - Brockville based Virtual Assistant and Business Coach serving Eastern Ontario Business Owners

From Humble Beginnings: An Entrepreneurial Spark

No matter what your background and what your business is about, one thing is true – every entrepreneur has a bigger-picture vision and a passion that is close to their heart.

The same is true for me.

After going through a significant life change – one of which I previously thought was completely impossible to achieve – my entrepreneurial spark was ignited.

Having personal experience overcoming childhood trauma and various forms of abuse – along with transforming False Beliefs, mindset patterns, and my Ego – was profound. So much so that I found a guru & mentor to teach me Alternative Healing Modalities while I took a course to become a Life Coach.

Lessons Learned: The Making of an Entrepreneur

At the very beginning of 2019, I launched my business with the purpose of helping others change their lives. 

This is very rewarding work, but I also learned my first crucial business lesson – which had everything to do with the dilemma of how to increase my revenue when my target audience was the driving reason why I couldn’t increase my prices.

LSS: I know what it’s like to be the business owner who needs to work a part-time job on top of running their business full-time; all while feeling like the odds were stacked against me.

But instead of giving up on my hopes and dreams, I allowed fate to show me the way forward. And then, a new door opened…

In 2020, I secured my first open-ended contract as a Virtual Assistant. This was the beginning of the journey that changed my business into what it is today.

Embracing the Pivot: The Entrepreneur’s Rite of Passage

No business owner ever wants to experience failure, let alone admit to it. But anyone who knows anything about business knows that we can only learn and grow through trial and error.

And even though my Trauma Recovery focused business wasn’t a complete failure, it personally felt that way.

But that was until I realized I could easily transfer my coaching strategies and workflow by simply changing the narrative.

It wasn’t long before I found myself coaching fellow business owners on how to improve their business processes, achieve growth, and solidify higher profits… all while I was acting as their Virtual Admin Team.

Ashley Tilson - Small Business Efficiency Coach

Building the Dream: My Entrepreneurial Venture Takes Flight

It was a revelation that took me 2 years to truly embrace. Only because I was still focused on trying to build up my previous services while “entertaining” this new avenue.

At least, that’s how it felt. Until I met with my former mentor to ask for advice…

I said, “I really want to offer Healing services, but I’m doing Virtual Admin work instead.”.

She started asking me questions about what I was doing for others, and this turned into me coaching her on her business.

At the end of the call, she said “Girl, THIS is your niche! The advice you just gave me is pure gold!”.

It took hearing it from my mentor – who turned around and hired me on the spot – to realize one of the biggest lessons I ignored.

The Road Ahead: An Ongoing Entrepreneurial Odyssey

It had hit me like a tunnel – like that scenic turnoff on the road I noticed every day, but was too afraid to turn onto… until now.

But it clicked as I accepted that I went through these experiences exactly for this reason.

Now, by weaving all of my newfound skills, the lessons learned in building and running a business, with my coaching approach to everything – I have curated my specialty services.

As a Virtual Assistant, I continue to offer assistance to entrepreneurs who could use the help as they grow.

As a Small Business Efficiency Specialist, I provide my coaching program to help businesses scale up over the course of a year.

My promise – and dedication – to your business is seeing your succeed through a process that will result in you saving TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY.

The two services can be combined with a discount added for the Virtual Admin work for being a Coaching client.

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