About Me

Specializing in trauma and addictions recovery, but welcoming all that have a spiritual curiosity,
I utilize a combination of my learned methods to facilitate soul-addressing, life-changing sessions!

" I take pride in helping others break free of mental & emotional blockages as related to relationships, past trauma, and life events, 
and teaching others to develop and use their own spiritual gifts. "

   From an early age, Ashley was able to pick up others' thoughts and feel others' emotions in addition to seeing and receiving messages from spirits. Not having any proper support to identify or empower these abilities, in addition to an upbringing filled with narcissism and trauma, caused her to attribute everything to the mental illnesses she was consequently treated for. There's no doubt that her PTSD was real, but little did she realize she could completely change her life by empowering her spiritual gifts...

   Ashley was in her 20's and undergoing a needed life change... but on the inside, she felt completely stuck. Despite making her wellbeing and truths her first priority, she was struggling with many things - her obesity (she used to be 40+ pounds bigger), her unhealthy lifestyle choices, her career choices, and most of all - her mentality. Just as she was beginning to accept that she couldn't escape a life of negative circumstances & outcomes, something happened one night that began to change everything she ever believed.

   It's a story that takes too long to retell but it's one she's willing to share with those that are curious! Her personal goal to recover from her past abuse and change her life for the better sparked her curiosity into spiritual matters, and it was just a matter of attending a session with someone that started her on the path she's on now. After having spent years addressing herself through conventional therapy, she found that following it with alternative healing brought the closure, release, and renewal she was desperately searching for. And now, she proudly offers her services based on one simple sentiment - "If I can do it, you can do it too!".

   Ashley is now certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Priestess of Light, and Crystal Healing Practitioner. She utilizes various methods in her Healing sessions including [but not limited to] Reiki, Cord Cutting / Cleansing, Ego Alchemy (Shadow work), Inner Child work, Soul Retrieval, and - a method she developed with for an early client's needs - Relationship Alchemy. She offers her appointments online and in person, in addition to offering her countryside "spiritual spa" packages and Trauma Recovery Packages (that provide a discount for multiple sessions; for intensive healing needs).

   Now in her mid-30's, Ashley lives with her husband and their dog in their countryside home in Lyn, Ontario, Canada; in which she's fully permitted to operate her business. She continues with her personal practices and further studies while serving clients, making content for social media, networking with other Intuitives & Healers, and writing for Empath Confessions. She welcomes all to reach out to her to start a conversation!

Where have you seen me?

Graduate and Mentor of the High Priestess Ascension Academy
Practitioner in the Global Healers Carnival

Registered Practitioner with the Canadian Reiki Association

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